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Raine. As the woman who gave birth to Squall, Raine is a kind and gentle woman who worked as a bartender in the small town of winhill. Of course, Squall has no memory of her; she died giving birth to squall. What he knows of her is only through word of mouth, and through Ellone's "connect" ability. Laguna, a big-city guy, meets this small town girl when he became injured; she cared for him until his recovery. Raine is well known for the beautiful flowers she grew, even in the years after her death. There has been speculation about her last name at the time of her death

Laguna. Presumably Squall's father, Laguna is a former Galbadian soldier, and currently the president of metropolitan Esthar. Laguna plays the character foil to Squall; although they are related in blood, they are polar opposites in personality. However, both of them do share the common trait of having solid leadership skills, not to mention talking to themselves, much to Squall's dismay. Squall doesn't meet Laguna until later on in the game; however, his first encounther with a Laguna is through Ellone's "connect" ability. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation that he is indeed Squall's father, but there is much speculation and evidence that points in that direction. Other than his relationship with Raine, Laguna carries the Squall card for Triple Triad, much like how Rinoa's father carries her's and Zell's mother carries his. While on the Ragnarok in disc 3, Ward, with the help of a translating Kiros, makes a comment on how it's a good thing that Squall doesn't looks like his father. Kiros then mentions how he looks much like his mother. Although names aren't mentioned, it's a pretty good guess that they're refering to Laguna and Raine.

Ellone. Also known as "Sis" to Squall. Squall has very little memory of their time together due to memory loss cuased by the junction system. Both of them grew up in Edea's orphanage; his entire life and all of his attention revolved around Ellone. His trust and complete dependancy on her caused Squall to be emotionally attatched to her to a great extent. The day Ellone left the orphanaged created a backlash on his personality, causing him to close up in a shell to prevent himself from becoming hurt again. His next encounter with Ellone would not be until years later, when he coincidentally saves her from the Training Center in Balamb Garden, vaguely remembering her name. She expirements with her "connect" ability, and is able to place Squall in Laguna's consciousness from the time before his birth, in an attempt to fix things and prevent certain events from happening. However, much to her dismay, she learns that she cannot change the past. Even though she had no choice but to use Squall and cause him to experience unnecessary sessions of uncounciousness, she eventually returns the favor by bringing Rinoa back to consciousness.

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