The Road Not Taken: A Brief Forward

Welcome to the newest section of Antihero, a collection of essays that explore Squall's character through antithetical themes. I do try to go through parts of the game in thorough detail, though hopefully you've played through the game! Much of this can sound so far out of the box that I don't even know what it looks like anymore because I try to do things differently and unconventionally, much to my friends' and family's chagrin.

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Determinism/Free Will
For centuries, the brightest of philosophers and intellectuals have debated whether or not our actions are made by our freedom of choice or part of a bigger, planned scheme made by the universe. No one quite knows the answer to this question, and many, including Squall, cognitively take part in this age-old argument... Read more...

➘ Updated: 23 May '17

(inside & out)
The creators of Final Fantasy VIII gave us a protagonist who is unusual yet groundbreaking: although he is a man who speaks far too little to be playing such a big role, we as players constantly see a side of him that no other character in the game can. Essentially, we are given the opportunity to read his thoughts in the form of semi-transparent dialogue boxes, also known as internal dialogue... Read more...

➘ Updated: 23 May '17

The merging of past, present and future can be looked at as a representation of events coming full circle, representing itself through the history of several characters, and repeating until it's made right. However, time is not merely a cycle, but also a development, and in some cases, an improvement. This is what we would call a "second chance" ... Read more...

➘ Updated: 23 May '17

Squall not only fights a war in the physical realm, but also on an internal level. As we go through Squall's experience, we find that in order to fight his demons, he must become a new person; this idea of creating a new outlook for himself ultimately brings him resolve... Read more...

➘ Updated: 23 May '17

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