Contact information


Welcome to the default contact page for each of Diamond Dust Network's sites. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please feel free to email me, Stefi, at anytime. Please read the FAQ and/or Usage Policy at the individual site before asking me questions. If I'm not horribly busy, I usually try and get back to each of my emails immediately. If you haven't heard from me in two weeks, re-send the email to me.

This is the primary email account that I check often. Please send any site-related questions here!

Instant Message

If you wish to contact me through AIM, please email me first.


While I do check my email reguarly, an alternate way to contact me is to leave a comment on the latest post at my livejournal. It automatically emails me when I receive a comment, and there's also a separate message post system you can also contact me through

Affiliation Policies

Although affiliation at is open, its spots are reserved for friends of mine (you know who you are). However, affiliation at each of the individual character sites are open, as long as your site is related (in most cases, something related to Final Fantasy).

A no-reply after a month is a rejection.