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Seventeen years ago, in the small town of Winhill, a delicate woman named Raine gave birth to Squall Leonhart. His presumable father, Laguna Loire, was on a mission in Esthar, an undisclosed location nearly half-way across the world. His mission was to save Ellone, a daughter figure of his and Raine's. Once she was saved, she departed for home only to find that Raine had died of childbirth. In her place, she left behind a son-- her now younger brother-- unbeknownst to Laguna. Ellone and Squall were sent to an orphanage on the southern coast of the Centra continent, under the care of Matron Edea Kramer. The orphanage serves a key location in the game, for this is the place where everything begins, and everything ends.

Squall spent the majority of his early childhood in the orphanage, not necessarily happy nor sad. But one thing was for certain: He had Ellone. "Sis", as he would call her, was his worldview. He looked up to her, depended on her for support, and even refused to have her attention focused on anyone but him. There were also other kids growing up at the orphanage with him too: Selphie, Quistis, Irvine, Zell, and even Seifer. He didn't exactly pay any mind to them, despite jealosy and tension arising he so naively failed to take notice.

Then came the day they took Ellone away. Although he was too young to understand, Ellone's place in the world is far more grave than he'd imagine. Because of her supernatual ability, it was too much of a risk on her life for her to be staying in an orphanage.

For a time, Squall felt lost-- his world was shattered to pieces without her prescence. He would stand at the threshold, constantly telling himself that Ellone would definitely return to him. Little by little, he realized that she wouldn't come back. He convinced himself that he would be okay without her, despite all odds. However, his sudden deattachment from her sent an shock that would transcend his past onto his seemingly unexplainable anti-social nature. Even as he grew up, he couldn't cope with the loss. Sometimes in his dreams, he would revist old childhood memories, watching himself as he waited for Sis to come back. These reoccuring memories would serve as a constant reminder of the pain he could never let go of.

A short time after Ellone left, he was sent to board at Balamb Garden. There, he learned to skillfully use a Gunblade. During training, students learn to use Guardian Forces, along with Para magic. Although these prove to be an irreplaceble element in battle, it has a terrible side effect of long-term memory loss. Over the years, what he could recall of his childhood began to fade away, forgetting everyone who used to be involved in his life. It wasn't until he met Irvine, a student at Galbadia. Since his skill did not require the use of Guardian Forces and Magic, he was not subjected to memory lost, and remained as the only one who seemed to remember his time at the orphanage. During a visit to Trabia, he reminds everyone of what they have forgotten, and helped recall lost memories. From this, Squall was able to deduct his reasonings for being the way he is now.

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