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Whenever I get a chance to meet someone new and talk about video games, we always happen to bring up the topic of Final Fantasy. Usually it would go along the lines of, "Blah blah blah, I love this Final Fantasy... oh, I haven't played that one before... by the way, how is Final Fantasy VIII?", and my usual response is, "Oh, one of my favorite characters comes from that game!". When I give them my final response, I would (usually) get a strange face in return.

So, Squall's not exactly the most popular character out there; people tend to either like or dislike him, but I think most people just to make fun of him. Sure, he's a badass, but he's got a few problems. At least he gets the hot chick at the end?

A lot of people have an issue with the way he looks at the world with condemnation. Yeah, he's kind of an emo kid. But, personally, it makes me love him all the more. He becomes the hero who never wanted be, and is one of the most unique lead characters in an RPG up to date. I mean, who isn't sick of the hero with a heart of gold out to save the world?

Yes, he's an overly emotional seventeen-year-old who has a few social issues. And let me ask you this: who hasn't experienced this stage, even the slightest bit, at some in their life? For the majority of the audience who's played the game, some of us can come to understand Squall on a few small terms. He hates the world and everything that accompanies it, believes he has no purpose to serve in life, is sick and tired of everything, and just plain doesn't want to deal with bullshit, period. At this point, his motto should be, "Sit down and Shut The Fuck Up". Quite the annoying bastard, for the most part, don't you think?

To make things even better, I've carried those same sentiments before, and I'm sure other people have. But we have to remember that Squall has been through some rough times. More importantly, he learns to grow out of his pessimistic attitude into a more caring and self-righteous person. His ability to overcome his most troublesome hardships and internal conflicts at the end is, I believe, one of his most admirable qualities.

Of course, part of loving a character is being able to laugh at him for his faults, but appreciate them at the same time. Sure, Squall's made plenty of stupid mistakes and I've laughed at him for being dumbass throughout the game, and that's exactly what I love about him. I've you've read my essay, then you would know that in retrospect, I would be to point and laugh at him and say, "Hey, I've done something like that before!", or, "Oh, wow, this brings back a lot of memories". At the time, I felt a strong connection with a fictional that was more realistic--and perhaps… more like myself.

I believe that everyone should hold their own opinions about whether or not the like a certain character. Coming from someone like me, who is not ashamed to admit the emotional and social hardships I myself had to pull through, Squall was a bit more than just a fictional character. So, if it would be cool, show Squall a bit more respect, would you?

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