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This section features a collection of released official artwork of Squall. Disclaimer: All artwork and images © Square-Enix. None of these images were scanned by me. Feel free to do as you please with them.

FFVIII Artwork
➘ Includes CG renders, wallpapers, and concepts and artwork by Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshitaka Amano.
Image count: 26
Other Games
➘ Images from other games he's featured in, such as Kingdom Hearts, Itadaki Street Special and Dissidia.
Image count: 13

FFVIII: Final Motion Videos

Captures from the FMVs of the orginal title, Final Fantasy VIII. Screenshots were captured by me. Please DO NOT take for your own gallery. You may use these images however you wish, and credit is appreciated but not required.

➘ The battle between Squall and Seifer. Ever wonder how Squall got his scar? Features song, "Liberi Fatali"
Image count: 135
Ballroom Dance
➘ Meeting Rinoa for the first time after Squall's SeeD inauguration. Features an instrumental version of "Eyes On Me"
Image count: 97

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