Dusty Papers

Back when Antihero was at a different url, I housed a series of pages in which I talked about particular aspects of Squall, such as his obstensible aloofness or much more general things such as his past. Fearing that my regular visitors would miss such mayhem, I decided to include them in the updated version of this site (I have no shame). Some information and opinions contained within these sections have been recycled and used in essays under Connect. In addition, much of this writing is severly outdated and under-polished, so beware the typos and teeny-bopper!speak.

Archived Essays & Information

  • History - Squall's backstory
  • Romance - Absence makes the heart grow yonder
  • Growth - The Squall that changes, starting at square one
  • Duality - Speaking from two places
  • Thoughts - Getting inside the antihero's head
  • Defense - Because I believe he's the way he is for a good reason.
  • Squall and I - Written years ago. Based on my personal experinces
  • The Great Adventure - Evidence that I had too much time on my hands
  • Name - Breakdown and analysis on his name
  • Family - The kinship he never knew

About Antihero
Antihero is a fansite dedicated to Squall Leonhart, a fictional character from Final Fantasy 8. Started in August 2004, this site hosts a collection of analyrical essays and writings geared towards helping to understand the character on a critical level. All personal opinions are subject to debate. Also featured is an archive of images collected from various places over the years.
To my brother, for allowing me to play this game on the console, otherwise I would not have. To all of my friends in the shrine community who have supported this dedication and up with its constant transformation. And to all of the visitors, old and new, who have come throughout the years: this site wouldn't be here without you.
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