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an·ti·he·ro also an·ti-he·ro (ăn'tē-hîrō, ăn'tī-), n. a protagonist or notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities

Antihero is a fansite to Squall Leonhart of the video game Final Fantasy VIII. Starting as a small site with mostly information and small essays in August of '04, Antihero has grown considerably to include more critical reflections and careful in-depth analyses. This site is part of a small network of similar sites on the internet, and people involved within that specific community have affectionately called these types of websites "shrines" or "tributes". The name of this site was chosen in order to reflect a general characteristic of Squall, and which I thought appropriately fitted him.

The current version of this layout features Squall in the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015). For those of you who had the unfornunate experience of viewing the previous header, I do humbly apologize. That thing was total garbage.

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About Antihero
Antihero is a fansite dedicated to Squall Leonhart, a fictional character from Final Fantasy 8. Started in August 2004, this site hosts a collection of analyrical essays and writings geared towards helping to understand the character on a critical level. All personal opinions are subject to debate. Also featured is an archive of images collected from various places over the years.
To my brother, for allowing me to play this game on the console, otherwise I would not have. To all of my friends in the shrine community who have supported this dedication and up with its constant transformation. And to all of the visitors, old and new, who have come throughout the years: this site wouldn't be here without you.
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