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This tribute, Antihero, is dedicated to the silent and militaristic protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall Leonhart.

As a man composed of an aloof persona, a remarkable yet heart-breaking past, and unprecedented leadership, this tactless and unsociable protagonist serves as the main focus for one of the many video game masterpieces created by Squaresoft (now called Square-Enix). Although he may sometimes appear reluctant and ready to decline the lead role at almost any given moment for the first half of the game, it is important to recognize the hero under the shell: the hero who, in time, will gain the capacity to be compassionate and recognize others in his life as he struggles to become a better person.

The mission of this site is to attempt to explore Squall in the very manner he was conceived: through realistic concepts and the moral grey area. One of the most important obstacles this character tries to overcome is his own internal struggle; Squall constantly battles to find comfort in an intermediary between right and wrong, good and bad, loss and love, and so on and so forth.

About Antihero
Antihero is a fansite dedicated to Squall Leonhart, a fictional character from Final Fantasy 8. Started in August 2004, this site hosts a collection of analyrical essays and writings geared towards helping to understand the character on a critical level. All personal opinions are subject to debate. Also featured is an archive of images collected from various places over the years.
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