Fair, Zack.

Name: Zack Fair (Katakana: ザックス・フェア Zakkusu Fea)
Birthplace: Gongaga
Birthdate: 1985; date and month unknown
Death: September 2007
Height: 191 cm / 6'3"
Blood Type: O

Zack Fair is a first-class SOLDIER and wielder of the Buster Sword before it is taken up by Cloud, who he became very good friends with. Zack first appears in Final Fantasy VII as part of an optional sidequest that Cloud can take. As you watch the event, you witness Cloud and Zack escaping the ShinRa manor up until Zack is shot just outside of Midgar. Although he is deceased by the time you play Cloud in the original installment, you take control of him as the lead protagonist in Crisis Core.

As Zack's backstory in Crisis Core is elaborated on, he is portrayed as a relatively friendly guy; although, he can sometimes be just as cocky. He is most known for being Cloud's best friend, as well as Aerith's boyfriend and first love.

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