Game Dialogue: DMW Scenes (from Crisis Core)

These are a series of dialogues between Zack and Aerith from the DMW memories. They are not part of the actual story dialoge, and can only be triggered by activating the DMW. A few of these scenes are kind of silly and irrelevant, but the others are key to certain aspects of their character (For example, the reason why Aerith wears pink). Regardless, they are good examples of showing the kind of normal, typical relationship they had. If you would like to view the entire collection, someone was kind enough to post the videos here

Zack: I'll give you a hand with the flowers.
Aerith: No, that's okay. Besides, I'm the only one the flowers want to be tended by.
Zack: Really...

Zack: So this is the slums...
Aerith: Is something wrong?
Zack: It's just so... cluttered.
Aerith: Does it make you feel... uncomfortable?
Zack: Unfortunately, I feel right at home!
Aerith: Hooray! I knew you'd say that!
Zack: Is that really something to be happy about...?

Aerith: Hey, Zack?
Zack: Hm?
Aerith: That thing you did before, where you jump up onto your feetócan you do it on sand?
Zack: Of course! But if I do it for you, you've gotta promise me one date.
Aerith: Sure! But if you can't do it, you have to grant me one tiny wish.
Zack: Deal!
Zack: (fails his first try) Uh... Oops... Wait, wait! One more try, please...
Aerith: All right... Just one more try, though.
Zack: Hut! (succeeds the second time) Heh! Told you I could do it!

Aerith: Tee hee hee
Zack: Is... is it really that weird?
Aerith: It's just that it's so different.
Zack: Maybe I should change it back.
Aerith: No, no! It looks good, really.
Zack: Right, right?
Aerith: (laughs) But I still can't quite get used to it.
Zack: Gimme a break here...

Zack: From now on, why don't we make a promise every time we meet?
Aerith: Promise? For when to meet next time?
Zack: No, more of a "general" promise about meeting... For example, when we meet, you always have to dress in pink.
Aerith: Heh, don't be silly!
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