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Fall of the Sky Zack Fair
Yours Truly Zack Fair
Ad Perpetum Memoriam Zack Fair
Fated Aerith Gainsborough
Within Reach Cloud & Tifa
Secrets of Iris Aerith & Cloud
Even In Distance Vincent & Lucrecia
Schism Cloud Strife
Simulacrum Cloud Strife
Strife Cloud Strife
Loveless Tifa Lockheart
Never Ever Tifa Lockheart
Abandoned Hope Vincent Valentine
Elegy Vincent Valentine
Libertine Reno
Alis Grave Nil Angel Hewley
Crptic Puppet Cait Sith
Amethyst Cid Highwind
Shinobi Yuffie Kisaragi
Shinobi Descendant Yuffie Kisaragi

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