For you and I are past our dancing days

Intentional or not, much emphasis has been placed on numbers within the Final Fantasy VII series. 7 for the series title and the namesakes of Sector 7 with its resident bar; 9 for the original cast members led against Sephiroth; 15 for the number of strikes that defeated him; 4 for the number of years Cloud and Zack spent in captivity, and 89 for the number of letters Aerith wrote to Zack during that time. But perhaps the most significant number is 23, for the importance of the number is not the quantity it represents, but the number that it doesn't. Aerith had 23 other wishes, but only one other wish stood above them all.

Inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet and its star-crossed lovers, Fair Verona is a small tribute to Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough, and looks at the relationship that spans across several installments of the Final Fantasy VII complilation. The heart of the content is divided (or tried to, at the very least) by themes; thus, it would be highly recommended to be familiar with the series's stories as it is not structured chronoloigally. The introduction includes the foraward, as well as very basic profiles of the two characters. Sources has a list of the differnt installments of the compilation in which they appear in, including imporant related dialoge. The essays are composed under Sonnets, and lastly, the sitely information is thrown under appendix.

In order to avoid confusion, I would suggest taking a look at the forward before proceeding. Navigation is to the right, so happy browsing!

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