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Main character or spear carrier?
Name: Balthier Bunansa
Age: 22 (Final Fantasy XII)
Year of Birth: 684 Old Valendian
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Height: 183cm (roughly 6'0")
Hometown: Archades, Archadia

"He would describe himself as a noble thief, stealing only from those who deserve it. He goes where he pleases, swearing fealty to no one. While roaming the skies of Ivalice with Fran, his viera partner, he still makes time to charm the ladies with his silver tongue and puts wrongs to right-- grinning all the while."

--Final Fantasy XII: Manual, Art Book:

"A man of wit, charm and a mysterious past, Balthier owns allegiance to no crown or council. He prowls the skies of Ivalice with his partner Fran in seach of treasure and perhaps something else..."

Final Fantasy XII: Official Strategy Guide:

First and foremost, Balthier isn't your average sky pirate. A past shrouded with mystery, he once abandoned his honor for what freedom. Balthier, contrary to short descriptions given without unveiling the plot, isn't the easiest character to sum up in a few short sentences. You may know him as a one who's charming and witty; however, even that could be called a facade to some extent. To fully realize the extent of his character, there's a great deal of history behind his motives one must come to understand. After all, he was not always a sky pirate to begin with.