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The following is an official timeline taken from Final Fantasy XII: Ultimania Omega. Slight modifications have been made in order to enhance the time and place of events. The begining of the Old Valendian Calendar is marked by King Raithwall's unification of Ivalice (year 1 Old Valendian), just after he created the Dawn, Dusk, and Midlight shards. It should also be noted that these events take place several years before Final Fantasy Tactics, etc. Square-Enix announced the release of an updated FFT, entitled Final Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War, in which Balthier plays a seemingly important role. The time gap between FF12 and FFT is not definite, but we can assume that it isn't entirely huge.

Year Event
648 Old Valendian → Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (House of Bunansa, a famous gentry of Archadia) was born
684 Old Valendian → Cidolfus Bunansa (age 36) has his third son, Ffamran Mid Bunansa (Balthier Bunansa)
700 Old Valendian → Cidolfus Bunansa meets Venat the Occuria in Giruvegan. He decides to create artificial nethecite.

Ffamran Bunansa is made a Judge of Archadia.

Unhappy with his father and life, Ffamran runs away. He becomes a sky pirate under the name "Balthier"

Cid meets Vayne Solidor (age 21); the two form a partnership and begin a project to create artificial nethecite. Disappointed with Ffamran's abandonment, he places his hopes on Vayne.
706 Old Valendian → Vayne is appointed Lord Consul of the Old Kingdom of Dalmasca. Upon the arrival of Vayne, Balthier and Fran meet Vaan in the Rabanastre Palace Treasury on the night of the fete. Later on, The party meets Princess Ashe (who's alias is "Amalia" at the time) in the Garamsythe Waterway.