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Full Motion Video Screenshots

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Phyress for making this section even possible. She was gracious enough take the time to send me the FMVs with Balthier and give me advice on screencapping. Usage Policy is as follows:

1. Do not direct-link the images
2.Do not take the images for your own gallery.

You may use them in your graphics, etc. and credit by linking Boundless would be very much appreciated!
  1. Introduction
    ➘ FMV count: 25
  2. Escape from the Palace at Rabanastre
    ➘ FMV count: 71
  3. A First Look at the Strahl
    ➘ FMV count: 47
  4. Boarding the Leviathan
    ➘ FMV count: 09
  5. Explosion of the Dawn Shard
    ➘ FMV count: 16
  6. Exiting the Stilshrine of Miriam
    ➘ FMV count: 05
  7. Entering Draklor Laboratory
    ➘ FMV count: 08
  8. Ridorana Cataract Aftermath
    ➘ FMV count: 05
  9. Boarding the Bahamut
    ➘ FMV count: 50
  10. Ending
    ➘ FMV count: 118