examination & analysis

Journey Through the Psyche is a condensed breakdown of what contribues to Sora's personality and behavior. It attempts to analyze what makes Sora stand out from the rest, with regards to the positive and negative aspects of his psychological framework
What's in a name? Just like the game itself, Sora's name is of Japanese origin, but what exactly does it mean? Includes variations, interpretations, and the relation of his name to other characters in the series. Japanese script must be installed and enabled.
Interview with Nomura contains part of a magazine article from one of the 2004 OPM issues. Nomura Tetsuya, director of the Kingdom Hearts series, reflects on the success of the original game, as well as his take on the game's main protagonist.
Heroes Don't Wear Capes consists of a few short paragraphs explaining Sora's role in the story, and how he came to carry the Keyblade. Sora is known as the "Keyblade Master" and the "protagonist" of the series, but for what reasons?
A Light In Dark Places is an article examining the importance of light in context to Sora's life, and perhaps an even deeper meaning behind it. Here, "light" is presented as two correlating concepts: as a physical entity as well as an allegory.
Interior of the Heart discusses the theme of darkeness brought up constantly during the series. It is described as something that resides within everyone, resulting in Heartless. Most importantly, because the darkness cannot be eliminated, remains to coexist.
The Proof of Life? While spending several hours watching Roxas go through an unavoidable identity crisis, you wonder how he is inextricably linked to Sora. Now, the million dollar question: Are Nobodies somebody?