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Awakening has been around since mid-2004, and currently stands as my first and oldest tribute to a video game character. The site was originally called Same Sky for years, until I decided to rename it the summer of 2009. I was about 14 or 15 years of age when I wrote much of the content, thus, for a long time, this site sounded it was written by an obnoxious fangirl (Note: It totally was). At the time, it mimicked more of an infobase, back when information wasn't as readily available. As of now, it houses a combined collection of my own theories and analyses as well as seeming related info (though to a lesser extent in quantity).

Special Thanks

For Ale and Heidi, who have spent countless hours sitting on the couch of my apartment breaking down elements of the story into the wee hours of the night (we like to talk about geeky things, which is awesome… yeah). Both of them did an excellent job translating some of the Japanese-only released material for the series, such as the Director's Report XIII and the Final Mix+ Ultimanias. They also did the pleasure of commenting on scenes as they walked me through parts of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. If it weren't for some of their insight, much of the site's content would be incomplete.

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