Fun, Feminine, Flirtatious

When I first watched Digimon Adventure back in my elementary school days, Mimi instantly appealed to me as a character. She was feminine, beautiful, confident, outspoken, and, above all, very kind. She knew how to have fun and she knew how to entertain. She had no qualms about wearing cute, pink dresses and she always knew when to stand up for herself. Even when the boys, Joe and Taichi, came to save her in Princess Kareoke (S01 EP25), it was her own drive and subconscious that brought her out of her selfishness in finding the will to fight back.

Here’s the best part about her: there is not a single moment in the series where Mimi is put down for her girly-ness. She never wants to play the part of the princess who needs to be saved, and no one blames her inability to do things on her being feminine.

Although Mimi’s femininity is something that Digimon addresses time and time again through many different ways, it sometimes doesn’t always quite work out for her. A running joke in the series is Mimi being chased by (debatably) lecherous Digimon, like the Numemon who either want to A) kiss her or B) take her out on a date. In A Clue from the Digi-Past (S01 EP10), Mimi gets harrassed by Chuumon and Sukamon, a rat and glittering piece of.... poop-shaped Digimon. They try to ask Mimi out on a date after attempting to steal her purse. These absurd infatuations with her is due mostly in part to her beauty; the official site labels her as a, bishoujo, or a “beautiful young girl”. Bishoujo does not always solely mean a girl is beautiful, but traditionally feminine, as well.

While these incidents do serve as a device to move the plot forward, they are mostly there for comic relief. However, one terrifying fact to point out is that, in the original Japanese version, Mimi a a 10-year-old girl, a 4th grader (she is a year older in the English localization). Having an elementary school student being chased down by anthropomorphic creatures who fantasize about being with her romantically, even as a joke, doesn’t exactly condone a healthy perspective.

In any case, she never really gives into these flirtatious Digimon, though she has definitely taken advantage of particular situations with her charm and beauty. One case is in The Crest of Sincerity (S01 EP17) where she convinces the Numemon to let her and the Digidestined hitch a ride on their swanky cruise ship by simply making pretty eyes at them. In Princess Karaoke, she gets the Gekomon to let her stay at the palace and have them treat her like a princess thanks to her signing talent. However, this particular situation served merely as a plot device to overcome her selfishness. In the end, Mimi still gets to be her trademark cute without any dire consequences, and I'm sure the audience was... totally okay with that.

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