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All frills and no chill, Mimi is my dream girl and childhood idol. With her pink hair, impeccable fashion sense, and lighthearted sense of humor, Mimi had the poise and self-confidence I aspired to as an 11-year-old. Sitting in front of the TV every Saturday morning, Mimi’s adventures and antics were always something I looked forward to while watching Digimon. Yes, she was fairly spoiled and self-centered, but there was something about her honesty and optimism that really pulled me in. Even when the second season of the series moved onto a different set of chosen children, I stuck around for those cameo appearances of the original kids, Mimi being the highlight of of it all. In retrospect, I found that, despite her flaws, I respected her immensely. Maybe it helps that we’re both ESFP personality types (nothing official, of course, but could you really deny that?)

Fast-forward into 2015. As part of Digimon’s 15th anniversary, Toei Animation starts releasing their production of Digimon Adventure tri., a six-part sequel to the original Digimon Adventure series. Being able to watch these films was almost unreal to me; other than releasing the floodgates of nostalgia, I felt a certain joy in seeing my girl in action again. What I didn’t expect, however, was seeing so much of Mimi reflected in myself, not exactly in personality, but in life events. While she had spent some of her formative years in America, I had just spent mine living in Japan. I like to think our lives paralleled in a way, with the both of us spending time as expats. As Mimi showed subtle signs of re-adjusting to her home, I instantly recognized them as signs of reverse culture shock. I was neither sure if someone on the production team did their research or if it was out of sheer coincidence, but her rebellious arc in tri. resonated soundly with me, at least enough to make an entire site in her dedication.


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