「 Preface 」

She is a summoner who lived a thousand years prior to the game, during the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand. There, she lived as a well-known singer loved by her people. However, her duties came before her own personal desires. Although she is a singer, she is also summoner, much like Yuna. During the war, she was committed to protecting her home. Summoners were need on the battlefield, which put Lenne in harm's way. Shyuin, who was also a celebrity, was Lenne's lover. He, of course, didn't approve of it. Lenne, being faithful to her own decision, reamained a summoner. Despite all his actions to save her from the war, he ends up losing his life as well as Lenne's.

Lenne's role in Final Fantasy X-2 is absolutely significant to the entire game's storyline. She isn't seen until later on in the game, and the player will truly know how vital she is to both the protagonist and antagonist, Yuna and Shuyin.

Description by Maechen, after the concert
Maechen: Indeed, I believe it shall. As you sang, not a soul could help but realize the folly of their tiresome squabbling. Fist once raised in anger became welcoming hands offering solace to a tearful neighbor. I must admit that I, too, shed my share of tears the moment Lenne appeared.
Rikku: You know Lenne?
Maechen: Of course. Would you like to hear--
Yuna: Yes! Tell us!
Maechen: Where to begin? About a thousand years ago, Lenne was a popular songstress in Zanarkand. The talk of the town, you might say. In a more peaceful age, she might have lived out her years as a performer. But the times-and her talents-did not allow such a thing to be. You see, Lenne's gift for singing was matched by her genius in the summoner's arts. When then Machina War began, all summoners were sent to the front lines. Zanarkand was hopelessly outnumbered, and Lenne knew she would not return home alive. Nonetheless, she was prepared to lay down her life to protect her people. Yet there was one person who refused to let Lenne die. Yes, he would do anything to save her. He was...a young man, Lenne's lover.
Rikku: Shuyin?
Maechen: I...don't know. His name has been lost to history. Whatever his name, the youth endeavored to steal the enemy's machina weapon and save Lenne.


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