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Links to other fantastic FFX/FFX-2 shrines. Email me if you wish to be up here.

1000 words ξ Lenne
Pearl ξ Lenne
Nocturne ξ Shuyin
Will ξ Yuna
Lunar Shadow ξ Yuna
Unsung ξ Rikku
Impereator ξ Gippal
Heavy Meral ξ Gippal
Athena ξ Paine
Poltergeist ξ Tidus
Inner Dreams ξ Tidus
Ligne de Vie ξ Tidus
Dream Image ξ Tidus
Overdrive ξ Auron
Bewitching ξ Lulu
Reverie ξ Lulu
Restless ξ Seymore
Song of Prayer ξ Yunalesca
A Fading Dream xi; Tidus & Yuna


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