「 FAQ 」

Can I take any written content?
I don't mind if it's for inspiration, however, you may not take any of it word-for-word.

May I use this layout?
NO. You may not use any part of this layout for anything.

Can I use your FMV screencaps?
That's what they're there for. Just don't use them for your own gallery, and don't attempt to direct link, because it won't work :).

What about any other images?
Unless it's in the media section, then no. However, you may not use the wallpapers I made for anything else except wallpapers.

What's your policy on affiliates?
Well, I'm a bit picky with affiliates. First of all, I'm only taking FFX/FFX-2 for the moment. I'm looking for shirnes with quality content, and nice layouts (as in, it doesn't kill my eyes). Oh, and they have to be in English. Maybe French, if you have one, because I can read some French. Point is, I have to be able to read it.

Can you link me?
Sure I will! I take almost any shrine, since there's a shortage on FFX shrines these days anyway.

Are there two site names? On you layout and other places of the site, it says "1000 no Kotoba" AND "Sen no Kotoba". What's up with that?
No, there's only one name. "Sen" is the phonetic pronounciation of "1000" in Japanese. Like "one" and "1". You may have also seen this: 千の言葉 on the front page. That's the site name written in Kanji.

Anymore questions? contact me


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