hat is this place?

Basically... it's all just a bunch of links. My links, your links, everyone's links. In the boxes below are a list of sites (made by yours truly) that each contain a collection of information, essays, and, on occasion, virtual media such as image archives focusing on a fictional character of interest. Feel free to go and click on stuff.

The Scarfaced Asshole

Squall Leonhart, Final FantasyVIII

No protagonist does it better when it comes to telling you to shut the fuck up and do as you're told.

    Opened: August 2004
    Status: Revamped September 2010
    Games Covered: Final Fantasy VIII

He will gut you with his key.

Sora, Kingdom Hearts

He locks your doors so you don't have to. Hey, at least your roommate won't be able to walk in on you anymore?

    Opened: April 2004
    Status: Completion ongoing
    Games Covered: Kingdom Hearts, KH: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II

His shotgun is bigger than yours

Balthier Bunansa, Final Fantasy XII

He's the Leading Man. He's the MFIC. He'll steal your all women (all of them!) with just one glance. He IS the party. He's Balthier muthafuckin' Bunansa, and you are no match for him.

    Opened: January 2007
    Status: Incomplete, scheduled revamp
    Games Covered: Final Fantasy XII

Cloud Strife's #1 Fanboy and Fangirl

Fair Verona
Aerith Gainsborough & Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII

Nothing can get more awkward than running into your ex in the afterlife.
(A to Z! Yeah, I know, bad joke)

    Opened: September 2009
    Status: Complete
    Media Covered: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Hoshi wo Meguru Otome

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Inconsistency pisses people off
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